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container buildings
container buildings
shipping container buildings

Today, after decades of container use. In people’s impression, in addition to the remote wharf, we gradually see another image of it in various parts of the city. Container buildings include container cafes, container bars, container restaurants, even container houses.

container buildings
shipping container buildings
Container buildings become a fashion trend

The container itself has the characteristics of being movable, stackable, and widely available. It is a very popular experimental building in the field of modern architecture. Around the world, many architects regard container buildings as the darling of design. They take shipping containers as the structural framework, expand space and artistic treatment through design, that strike the fashion trend.

Container architecture originated in London, England. It is a new concept, industrial style, and creative architectural art. This kind of container shop has a unique shape, and is especially suitable for small fashion shops. In Europe and America, container blocks are often the gathering place of creative exhibitions, art galleries, cafes, and galleries, as well as the birthplace of fashion trends.

container buildings
pop-up store

The pop-up store is not a new word in the overseas retail industry, especially in the fashion industry. It has become a new business form combined with retail stores. Pop-up store’s store style is more personalized than traditional fashion stores. Especially in Europe and America, pop-up store mostly displays goods in the form of art galleries.

container buildings
shipping container business
Fashionable scenery on the street

In Xi’an, the ancient capital of China, there is also a “pop-up store” with Chinese colors and international trends. WIDE HZ has the honor to participate in it.

The project is located in the Yanta District of Xi’an. Dozens of container shops are flexibly interspersed in this space, activating this resource-sharing space, and a unique commercial Comprehensive block came into being. It will also add catering and entertainment experience places for Xi’an, activate the urban night economy, and build a brand landmark of Xi’an.

container buildings
pop-up shop

The containers do not have any foundation for fixing. They are placed flat and stacked on concrete floor tiles. The life of a container is about 20 years, so ten or twenty years later, everything can be reused without leaving a trace.

With the new business model of “pop-up store”, personality and atmosphere have become the selling points. In our opinion, more container buildings will come out in the future.

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