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Everybody Loves Shipping Container Cafe

10ft container cafe

If you’re thinking about opening up your own coffee shop, investing in a shipping container cafe might be worthwhile. So, entrepreneurs are increasingly looking to shipping containers as a way to start their business with minimum effort and investment.

The best thing about opening a shipping container cafe is that you can start small. Converting a 10ft or 20ft shipping container into a coffee shop is relatively inexpensive. You can also make your container mobile, allowing you to move your shop to events and festivals.

What type of shipping container cafe would you like?

shipping container cafe with a terrace

Fit-out and rental costs can make it challenging for a new operator to be successful. Container cafes offer portability and the ability to drop one anywhere there is high traffic and a need for a quick coffee. That’s where the shipping container cafe comes into play!

The shipping container cafe is a great solution for busy service stations looking to increase profits with barista-quality coffee by simply dropping one on the driveway in a much more accessible way.

Remember, if you use a shipping container to make your cafe, your coffee shop will be portable, so you experiment to see which location yields the highest demand.

20ft shipping container cafe

The Size of the Container cafe

To determine which size you’ll need, first decide the type of cafe you will run. The size of the building, required area, and equipment will differ depending on the services you offer

The Right Location

There should be enough clear space in your chosen location to cater to your customers and have room for outdoor seating. After you select your container size, leave at least 100 feet of open space for delivery and offloading. A mobile container must also have an adequate area for parking.
Your coffee shop must comply with any local building standards and codes, zoning laws, and permit requirements. Some areas may not allow the construction of shipping containers. Always check for places with quick access to utilities, such as electricity, water, gas, and sewer line

A Suitable Design

It is best to work with an architect or designer who has experience designing cafes made from shipping containers. Select a design that you feel will attract customers and utilize the available space efficiently

shipping container bar

Health and Safety Measures

In the new normal, people prefer bars and restaurants that cater to practices like socially distanced dining and a crew trained inappropriate hygiene and masking policies. Place safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and electrical master switches, at appropriate locations.

A Branding and Marketing Plan

Besides, use your creativity to deliver a unique customer experience. Create a strong brand using innovative fonts, colors, and decor. Advertise your restaurant on relevant platforms to reach maximum customers.

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