Denmark Sea Container Student Apartments

In recent years, the number of students in Denmark has shown a large and continuous increase. As the number of students continues to increase, demand for more student residences will emerge. The means of urban expansion are limited. However, the port of Copenhagen still leaves an underdeveloped area in the city hinterland. By introducing a building type optimized for port cities, we can provide students with a housing solution in the city center–sea container student apartments.

At the same time, the development of a standardized container system allows goods to be transported by land, water or air to reach every corner of the world at a very low cost in a complex operating system. By adopting a standardized container system, we have an extremely flexible framework for building types.

We stacked 9 container units into a circle to create 12 studio apartments, which frame the winter garden in the center, which is also used as a shared space for students to meet. The house floats on the water like a boat, so that it can be replicated in another port city that needs affordable housing and space is limited.

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