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Fashionable container Restaurant

Starting a restaurant business doesn’t have to expand anymore. With an affordable container restaurant, you can be in business in a matter of weeks. In fact, the total cost of an affordable restaurant may be somewhat less than the yearly rent of a conventional venue, depending on the location and area.

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container restaurant
The ready-made container restaurant

Lisa, One of our important customers, The owner of a restaurant is a New Zealand Chinese. She is very interested in running a restaurant and wants to turn it into a New Zealand restaurant chain. And she chose the ready-made house for her restaurant shape. First, The ready-made house is very strong, secondly, with a steel appearance and large transparent glass Windows, which makes the restaurant look fashionable, modern, and industrialized, catering to the fast pace of modern city life.

Considering the brand of the restaurant, Lisa also designed her own logo for the ready-made house. After receiving the ready-made restaurant, she carefully added a small terrace on one side of the restaurant. The wooden keel was put on the terrace to add a cashier’s place. The terrace was open to the sky. The midday sunshine passes through the wooden keel, making the gazebo produces a very strong smooth shadow effect, making the space of the ready-made restaurant richer. She also added a small yard in front of the ready-made restaurant, enclosed by a wooden fence, which makes the look very cozy.

Now the ready-made container restaurant is doing very well. at the same time every day, there are a lot of customers coming to have a good time.

container cafe
container restaurant

The container restaurant is not only environmentally friendly, but also customized design, easy construction, time, and labor-saving.

1. Prefabricated and customized design
2. Easy construction, time, and labor-saving
3. Fireproof, non-shrinking, and enlarging work size with little pollution
4. The wall and roof system combines several kinds of materials which can resist different kinds of weather
5. New building materials are environmentally friendly and energy-conserving
6. Normally more than 20 years using a lifespan

container cafe
container restaurant with a deck

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