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folding container house——the best choice in case of an earthquake

If you are in urgent need of a living or workspace, then a folding container house is the ideal solution which is cost-effective, reliable, and quick to install.

Closed and opened status

Perhaps you have already heard people talking about this highly innovative construction method. Here is all the information you should know on the subject.

The folding container house adopts modular design technology, which can customize according to suit the client’s preferences.

Folding Container House

When installing, you need a crane to position it. Its special hinges allow it to fold thousands of times without losing its structural integrity. Plastic gaskets seal the joints to prevent air and water leakages.

It is also fire-resistant, earthquake-resistant, and wind resistant.

2 people, 10 minutes done

All you have to do is lift it with a crane, then set up the wall plate and screw it on.

Folding Container House

When fully folded, the house has a body height of only 410mm (1.3ft). During installation, you should hang the hook into the upper lifting hole and lift it up steadily, causing the body to gradually expand. Once the frame around is fully unfolded, you simply need to lift the front and rear walls at the bottom and clamp them. The hook can only be removed after completing the installation.

Folding Container House

Installing a unit only takes 10 minutes. Furthermore, you can reuse it and move it as a whole or after folding it, which makes transportation convenient.

Folding container house, Various uses

We produce this house using new-generation container technology to ensure it can be used in four seasons and is long-lasting. Also, we design it according to the climatic conditions of the desired location. It has excellent snow load and wind speed values. It is earthquake resistant.

Snow Load

People can commonly use container houses for disaster relief, site offices, accommodation, clinics, classrooms, storage, emergency function, etc.

It offers perfect insulation – both noise insulation and thermal. This is ideal for noisy locations such as construction sites, or with a view to adapting to either very cold temperatures, or indeed very high temperatures.

Folding Container House

For example, the Türkiye earthquake caused 1.2 million Turks to lose their homes. We are very sad about this, and we pray for the refugees. We have transported a large number of Folding container houses to Türkiye as temporary shelters or hospitals for refugees.

Using this kind of house in emergency disasters has the advantage of helping many people.

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