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How to Connect Two Shipping Container Homes

shipping container bar with terrace

Shipping container homes, now people like them more and more. When you are trying to construct a home with shipping containers, you will come across the need to merge two containers. That’s because a single container will not be able to provide the space you wish to get.

Placing multiple containers together to become a larger space helps transform the structure into a more comfortable facility. The added space provides ample room for bathrooms, kitchens, private offices, and a common area all in one building. It is applicable not only to shipping container homes but also to container restaurants, container bars, and other container buildings.

Merging two shipping container homes is possible, but you should have a clear understanding of how to do it correctly.

shipping container homes
Weld the two containers

You will need to keep the two containers side by side and proceed with welding. You need to weld them carefully to the foundation as per your plan. Then you will be able to apply roofing cement. But before that, you should install a rolled roof flashing inside as well as outside the opening. This will help you to create the best seal.

Fill in the gap

Once the containers are set into position, installation crews secure the units together. This is achieved by either welding or caulking the seam after the placement of the structures. Set up crews install a threshold on the inside of the structure, which is a long silver plate placed on top of the seam on the floor. A ridge cap is placed on the roof to seal the containers together and prevent rainwater from seeping in.

If the seal is not good, it will not be a comfortable shipping container home, and you will be very troubled.

Ensure that load is distributed correctly

You need to make sure that the load is going through corner posts. The weight should be transferred properly to the foundation. You will also come across the need to remove side panels as per your needs. Make sure that you don’t lose the integrity of your home. The side rails will not have enough strength and you should be mindful when you are dealing with them.

This is especially important if your container house, container bar, or container restaurant has a terrace.

Larger clear spans may require additional reinforcing columns to ensure the structure is safe and secure. Of course, if a company needs to relocate the container structure later, they can separate the containers and ship them individually, which makes transportation easy.

Double-deck container Office

There may be an alternative. For example, WIDE HZ can use welding to design and manufacture shipping container homes similar to shipping containers. Their production process is exactly the same, but the cost is lower and the transportation is more convenient. In this way, the connection mode of the two container houses can be designed in the factory, and the materials of the docking port can be provided. After you receive the goods, you can install them directly according to the manual.

I hope you have perfect shipping container homes.

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