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Shipping Container Cafe for Small Businesses

when you’re in the container cafe, the first thing you’re gonna see is the size of this awning. It is massive, we’ve got so much space here, you could even put coffee machines right at the front here and you’ve still got plenty of space to serve several people under the awning.

These are fully removable, when you’re moving this cafe if you are from site to site, they simply pop up, throw them inside, and now you can transport this with no problems at all.

container cafe

Why Container Cafe or Bar?

Containers offer comfort, convenience, and customization. This makes them the perfect platform for launching a container cafe or bar to serve creative cocktails and drinks.

You can use a pop-up cafe or Bar to promote your business originally and innovatively. You can create unforgettable experiences for your customers with a completely customized design that accurately represents your brand.

One of the best ideas is to leverage technologies such as touchscreens, indoor and outdoor screens, iPad stands, A/V, and RFID to make the experience tech-savvy. You can also include plumbing, A/C, HVAC, and multimedia with large pre-wired outdoor LED screens to add more oomph. These will keep both your customers and staff consistently comfortable.

container cafe

4 Reasons to open it

Here are the 4 top reasons you should use a shipping container to open your new cafe.

  • Quick Installation
    Shipping containers can be mounted directly on asphalt or on top of existing foundations, such as concrete slabs. The containers are equipped with corner fitting points that allow them to be bolted together. If you decide to pack and move across the country, you can easily relocate and bring your customized container cafe with you.
  • Durability
    The shipping containers have been built to withstand the elements of sea travel. Therefore, the shipping container cafe is not going to leak. Remember that most containers are constructed from weathered aluminum or steel that are also meant to withstand extreme weather conditions and natural disasters.
    • Low Cost
      Erecting a more traditional structure will require foundations, building materials, and planning regulations. All these quickly mount up and increase your building costs, which is what makes traditional buildings so expensive — not to mention the labor costs. With a container cafe, you don’t have all those problems.
    • Draw Attention
      Stand out from the crowd and attract more customers, because pop-up bars, cafes, and restaurants are very fashionable. Whether you’re opening up a slick city center restaurant, a road-side-caf or something in between, you’re guaranteed to pull in the punters with an innovative reconfigured shipping container design.
    container cafe

    Container cafes are a fantastic project that any futuristic restaurant owner should indulge in. They allow you to own a durable, robust, and easily portable restaurant.

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