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How can I run a shipping container cafe?

There a few things, as others have pointed out, that you’ll need to consider and do before you actually start running a shipping container cafe.

The first thing you should decide on is the type of cafe you want to run.

shipping container cafe

Will it be a small drive-thru/walk-up type, similar to a Dutch Bros? Or will be like a sit-down cafe, similar to Starbucks?

Will it be one floor or two?

Will you be serving more than coffee and breakfast, such as lunch and dinner?

The reason these questions are important is that they will not only determine the type of shipping container that you’ll need, but they will also help to decide how much land you will need.

Once you’ve decided on type and layout, you’ll next want to contact your local city office to ask about permits. Permits may be a requirement before building, however, this all depends on your area and building requirements.

Keep in mind that a building with a shipping container may have different permits than a traditional building. Again, this will depend on your location.

The layout of your cafe will, as mentioned, determine the type of shipping container you’ll need and the size.

Standard sizes for containers are 10-feet, 20-feet, and 40-feet. However, depending on the supplier you rent or buy from, you may be able to customize or modify the container to the size you need.

shipping container cafe

Brianna Copley believes:

Whenever someone is starting any kind of business, it’s imperative that you do plenty of research early on and never rush into it. Not only are you going to need a space to actually do your business, but you’ll need financing, business plans, dozens of products, tools, and a shipping container cafe. As long as you’re serious about opening up a new cafe and are ready to work hard and serve customers coffee with a smile, you’re definitely taking a step in the right direction.

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Find Your Perfect Bar

Shipping Container Cafe

Ready To Go From

  • Model : LZ-SCH037
  • 20FT or Custom Size
  • Hydraulic Service Window 2 pcs
  • With terrace, stairs and awning
  • Black, or Customized Color

Coffee Cabin

Roof Top Deck

Container Kiosk Cafe

General Introduction

Pop Up Cafes Grow Your Business. Everybody loves the convenience of a Pop up Cafe. Not only is a shipping container cafe cheap, environmentally friendly, and portable, it’s really, really cool.

The compact size of the shipping container cafe makes it a prime candidate for a start-up cafe, because you don’t need much room to set up. A corner of land in a car park, a spot on a marina, market, the beach, a vacant block of land are all top spots for a pop up cafe. When the approvals to build come through, the café can be simply shipped somewhere else. Many shipping container cafés are actually built as permanent structures as well, simply because the construction costs are so much cheaper, and they also look great.

Container Cafe Benefits


Has been designed with a view to optimise logistics, it can be adapted to practically any location or setting.


Acquiring a shipping container to convert into a café is quite inexpensive. The cost-saving benefit of a container Café is especially important for businesses that are starting up or looking to franchise with capital limitations. Most of the time commercial real estate will require a down payment to be paid for a couple of months rent upfront which is not financially viable for some start-up businesses.


Since shipping containers are made from corrugated steel, they are virtually impossible to break into. At the end of the day, you’ll simply lock down this Container Cafe to guard against theft. Given the material they’re made of, shipping containers are fire resistant as a function of their design as well.

Sustainable Construction Practice

Converting a shipping container into a Container Café is extremely eco-friendly. Recycling an unused container for construction material puts an unused product to use while at the same time cleaning up spaces such as ports and shipyards.

Time Saving

The construction of the Container Café can be completed faster than on-site construction because it is not dependent on the weather, and the structure already exists before the construction work even begins.

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Shipping Container Cafe Specifications





Welded shipping container
Heavy duty external steel framing with corrugated high strength steel seam-welded panels to external walls and roof panels and steel framed internal walls.


Sprayed on polyurethane to external walls, ceiling and roof.
Rockwool batts to all internal walls.
50mm underfloor insulation with thermal break and heat preservation.

External Cladding

Long life weatherproof paint over corrugated high strength steel wall, ceiling panels and roof.

Wall & Ceiling

50mm Rock wool + keel


18mm Cement fiber board + 2mm Non-slip PVC floor

Serving Window

Top-hung window 1PCS, Air rod + side opening + Meal board

Staff Only Door

Stainless steel security door

Electrical Fittings & Plumbing Pipe

PVC wire and conduit, Socket outlet according to local standard, Switch and distribution box, LED spotlight, PPR Water supply, PVC drainage pipe

Terrace Accessories

Staircase, Steel frame board
Railing and terrace, High-strength carbon steel, Wood (plastic) floor, Brown, with keel and fasteners
Container Kiosk Cafe

Container Kiosk Cafe

Container Kiosk Cafe

Container Kiosk Cafe

  • Main Structure

    steel frame welded+sandwich panel

  • Packaging & Delivery

    Huizhi standard package, more information please contact us

  • After-sale Service

    Online technical support, 2 years Warranty

  • Customizable options

    Size, color, furniture and electrical equipment

  • Shipping port

    FOB Price, Qingdao, Tianjin


Ready for immediate use on delivery, perfect for home or business, options to install more accessories, list of inclusions can be found here.

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