Shipping Container Homes

Why are you interested in shipping container homes?

Do you have this question? But I believe that as long as you are interested in Shipping Container Homes, certain places in their places have touched you. Let’s take a look at these people, maybe they can give you some inspiration.

shipping container homes

Cole Taatjes

For me, it’s a combination of affordability and minimalism. A thirty-year mortgage makes no sense and debt is something to be avoided. Interest is the reason old people who have worked their whole lives have very little to show for all those years working.

Michael J Johnson

Started broke and all I could afford, then it went to cool and appreciated…now it’s cool and creative. When you think about how easy it is to add to…a 28-foot container becomes an indoor jacuzzi, a movie room, or a bar…a 48 foot becomes an indoor/outdoor sitting area. Or a grandchild’s playroom.

Mydgie Dan

Save money, recycle used products, design challenges, reduce the size of my living space so as not to waste materials, and utilities, etc. This is why I like shipping container homes.

creative shipping container homes

Ricki Bennison

It’s funny how people think container homes are cheap… (and they can be) but so can a timber house a stone or a blockhouse… Container houses can be modular/easily moveable and extremely durable.

Reilley Squires

The rising prices in the home market are what’s on my mind. Political idiots are saying 640 000 is still within reach of most Canadians for a home purchase which is astronomically fucked. With a storage house, I can build and plan what I want and once it’s done I only have to worry about land.

Kamille Huggins

Not necessarily broke, but interested in low-cost housing. Also interested in the minimal style.

Marian Monaghan

Another very good reason is to reuse and repurpose something that would be scrapped and surplus to requirements.

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