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What do Americans think of the tiny houses?

Americans, like any sufficiently large group, have widely varied opinions on small houses. In the United States, they’re currently experiencing a movement towards smaller houses.

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As you know, the Tiny Houses movement focuses on small designs and low total cost. So some other common features emphasized by the Tiny House movement are:

Close to nature: Many tiny house solutions have allowed people to pull back into less developed areas, leveraging the home’s savings to buy larger amounts of land.

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High-end finishes: While Tiny Houses are small on cost, they tend to use higher-end materials in their construction, leading to a luxury feeling despite the small footprint.

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Space Efficiency: Because tiny houses designs are huge on space efficiency, Multi-purpose spaces are the rule in Tiny House design.

Sustainability and re-use of materials: From reclaimed wood to reclaimed shipping containers, people are using materials we already have to carve out new places to live.

tiny house

Mobility: A popular feature of many (but not all) tiny house designs is on adding the ability to relocate your home, freeing people from the need to sell their home if they need to move for a new job.

Tiny houses aren’t for everyone. They impose a minimalist approach to life that isn’t in line with many American experiences. But, after the financial crisis and many of the swings in the housing market that have gone with the past decade, Tiny Homes are more and more appealing to an ever-growing number of Americans.

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