Use containers as a carrier to move nature into the house

No matter how exquisite handicrafts are, they can’t compare to the magical craftsmanship of nature. Simple one can create the most beautiful picture scroll. Use the container as a carrier to move nature into the house to create this leisure holiday house close to nature and enjoy the tranquility. This is shipping container home.

This is a building without walls, because the walls are replaced by floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and the indoor and outdoor landscapes are connected. From indoors, the surrounding natural woods are its walls. Living indoors is like camping outdoors. Container buildings are not only industrial buildings or natural buildings.

The modular structure of the container allows the building to use 4 units to create 6 different spaces with an area of ​​162 square meters. Provide a wide glass opening to the greatest extent, allowing residents to have a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding environment.

The wood and glass layers in the building soften the inherent industrial characteristics of the container, establish harmony with nature, and bring light and tropical scenes into the space. When you do not want to continue operations, the entire building can be moved away, leaving minimal traces in the original landscape.

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