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container cafe

Shipping Container Cafe for Small Businesses

when you’re in the container cafe, the first thing you’re gonna see is the size of this awning. It is massive, we’ve got so much space here, you could even put coffee machines right at the front here and you’ve still got plenty of space to serve several people under the awning. These are fully

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container restaurant

Fashionable container Restaurant

Starting a restaurant business doesn’t have to expand anymore. With an affordable container restaurant, you can be in business in a matter of weeks. In fact, the total cost of an affordable restaurant may be somewhat less than the yearly rent of a conventional venue, depending on the location and area. The ready-made container restaurant

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expandable container houes

Expandable container house with wings

This expandable container house is about 36 sqm after opened, and it takes 2 hours for 3 persons to complete the installation. It includes 2 bedrooms, 1 Integrated shower, 1 toilet, 1 washbasin, 1 living room, and 1 open kitchen. These are all installed in the factory, you only need to connect supply and drainage

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container bathroom

Why do you need a container bathroom?

Shipping containers also make for great restroom facilities to be used privately or commercially. We have a wide array of floor plans and layouts ready to build. These commercial-style container bathrooms can be semi-permanent and serve a wide array of uses such as events, outdoor retail, theme parks, campgrounds, music venues, school campuses, and more.

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shipping container cafe

Everybody Loves Shipping Container Cafe

If you’re thinking about opening up your own coffee shop, investing in a shipping container cafe might be worthwhile. So, entrepreneurs are increasingly looking to shipping containers as a way to start their business with minimum effort and investment. The best thing about opening a shipping container cafe is that you can start small. Converting

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container buildings

Container buildings × business, well done

Today, after decades of container use. In people’s impression, in addition to the remote wharf, we gradually see another image of it in various parts of the city. Container buildings include container cafes, container bars, container restaurants, even container houses. Container buildings become a fashion trend The container itself has the characteristics of being movable,

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shipping container home

How to Connect Two Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes, now people like them more and more. When you are trying to construct a home with shipping containers, you will come across the need to merge two containers. That’s because a single container will not be able to provide the space you wish to get. Placing multiple containers together to become a

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shipping container cafe

How can I run a shipping container cafe?

There a few things, as others have pointed out, that you’ll need to consider and do before you actually start running a shipping container cafe. The first thing you should decide on is the type of cafe you want to run. Will it be a small drive-thru/walk-up type, similar to a Dutch Bros? Or will

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tiny house

What do Americans think of the tiny houses?

Americans, like any sufficiently large group, have widely varied opinions on small houses. In the United States, they’re currently experiencing a movement towards smaller houses. As you know, the Tiny Houses movement focuses on small designs and low total cost. So some other common features emphasized by the Tiny House movement are: Close to nature:

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Shipping Container

What are the most common uses for shipping containers outside of shipping?

Shipping containers have amazing qualities that have people lean toward using them for their next project. They are eco-friendly, sustainable, durable, affordable, and mobile. These factors play an important role in many nontraditional uses. I’d venture to say they are being used for even more than you could have imagined. They’re becoming all the rage

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