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tiny house

What do Americans think of the tiny houses?

Americans, like any sufficiently large group, have widely varied opinions on small houses. In the United States, they’re currently experiencing a movement towards smaller houses. As you know, the Tiny Houses movement focuses on small designs and low total cost. So some other common features emphasized by the Tiny House movement are: Close to nature:

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Shipping Container

What are the most common uses for shipping containers outside of shipping?

Shipping containers have amazing qualities that have people lean toward using them for their next project. They are eco-friendly, sustainable, durable, affordable, and mobile. These factors play an important role in many nontraditional uses. I’d venture to say they are being used for even more than you could have imagined. They’re becoming all the rage

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Shipping Container Homes

Why are you interested in shipping container homes?

Do you have this question? But I believe that as long as you are interested in Shipping Container Homes, certain places in their places have touched you. Let’s take a look at these people, maybe they can give you some inspiration. Cole Taatjes For me, it’s a combination of affordability and minimalism. A thirty-year mortgage

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shipping container insulation

The Best Types of Shipping Container Insulation

You likely need insulation for your shipping container home, but what kind of insulation is best? In this Article This article will answer all your questions about shipping container insulation. Storage container homes are popular these days, but you need to know what it takes to truly turn them into a living space. We will

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container cafe

Repurposed Shipping Containers: At the Heart of South Africa’s Informal Economy

South Africa’s informal economy contributes income for millions of South Africans – and in many cases, repurposed shipping containers provide inexpensive premises for their businesses. The value of SA’s informal economy According to Spotong magazine, South Africa’s informal economy includes: upwards of 100 000 spaza shops turning over about R46 billion per year, with typical

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Shipping Container Gyms: Ideal for Accommodation, Events and More

Who said bush holidays were solely for chilling out? Guests at a luxury South African bush camp can now flex the muscles, beef up the bod and tone the torso in a spacious 12-metre container gym. Constructed from an unused shipping container, and retrofitted with all the high-end gear, the eco-friendly workout studio has a

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container toilet

Container ecological mobile bathroom

For public use, the mobile bathroom is designed to fit into a recyclable shipping container, and the original metal shell structure has been modified to make better use of natural light. Structurally, the lining is made of flexible material, which can resist small movements. In this way the walls and ceilings are covered with VIROC

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Denmark Sea Container Student Apartments

In recent years, the number of students in Denmark has shown a large and continuous increase. As the number of students continues to increase, demand for more student residences will emerge. The means of urban expansion are limited. However, the port of Copenhagen still leaves an underdeveloped area in the city hinterland. By introducing a

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Use containers as a carrier to move nature into the house

No matter how exquisite handicrafts are, they can’t compare to the magical craftsmanship of nature. Simple one can create the most beautiful picture scroll. Use the container as a carrier to move nature into the house to create this leisure holiday house close to nature and enjoy the tranquility. This is shipping container home. This

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