Find Your Perfect Home

Shipping Container House

Forget brick and cement! The popularity of prefab shipping container homes is increasing. They are sturdy and durable, construction costs are cheaper than ordinary houses. No wonder they will get the hearts of buyers, become one of the best products we sell.

Find Your Perfect Bar

Shipping Container Shop

Pop up a cafe, portable kitchen, and shipping container bar to grow your business. Everybody loves the convenience of a Popup Cafe. Not only a shipping container cafe is cheap, environmentally friendly, and portable, it’s really, really cool. You don’t need much room to set up. When the approvals to build come through, the café can be simply shipped somewhere else.

Find Your Perfect House

Low Cost Container House

The expandable container home and folding container house are easy to assemble, can be moved frequently, and more importantly, they have a spacious and expandable living space. All accessories are pre-installed in the factory and folded to fit in a shipping container. When reaching your location, you can simply expand it.

Find Your Perfect Restroom

Container Restroom And Showroom

You will use a prefabricated shipping container restroom as a higher standard of hygiene for buildings, social, and sports events. For event organizers, we offer mobile prefab container toilets, which can include a sink, hot and cold water, shower, toilet, and toilet in various combinations. Each mobile prefab container restroom contains an electrical connection, a water supply, and a waste drain. A prefab container toilet is a hygienic and toilet facility especially for a larger event, concert, cultural or sporting event.

Find Your Perfect Pool

Shipping Container Swimming Pool

If you’re looking to get a pool, and not looking to shell out $50K+ for one and want one now, these semi-mobile all-in-one shipping container swimming pools might be your best bet! Made from welding shipping containers, the unique 20ft container swimming pool is made much more easily transported and installed compared to a standard in-ground or above-ground swimming pool.

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