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Expandable Container House

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  • Model : LZF-002
  • Snow Load: 0.6kn/㎡
  • Floor Load: 1.5 kn/㎡
  • Wind Load: 0.6kn/㎡ (wind speed≤120 km/h)
  • Rock Wool Board Insulation

Flat Pack House

Expandable Home

Folding Container House

General Introduction

The expandable container house is easy to assemble, can be moved frequently, and more importantly, it has a spacious and expandable living space. All accessories are pre-installed in the factory and folded to fit in a shipping container. When reach your location, you can simply expand it.

Customisation welcome, Volume discounts available.
Item sanitary fitting and kitchen is on option item. Please advise if you do not need it.
Valid time: 10 days from issued.
Delivery time: 25 days after get deposit.
The 3D plan is for refer. The offer is according the drawing which both party confirmed.

The expandable container house’s installation can be completed within 10 minutes.

Features And Advantages

Quick Assembly

Easy to assemble and disassemble with simple and common tools, can be installed in 10 minutes.

Good Performance

Safe and durable-over 15-20 years lifespan, seismic resistance to 8 degree, wind resistance to 11 degree.


All bathroom, kitchen, electricity, plumbing are pre-installed in our factory.

Environmental Protection

Less material to install, more convenient and environmental protection.

Low Cost

Save shipping cost, folded up to be loaded in shipping container, 1*40HC shipping container can load 2 units

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It's Up To You

Customize your home.

Expandable Container House Specifications



Expanded size: 5900*6400*2480mm
Folding size: 5900*2270*2480mm


First layer, 18mm plywood/fiber cement board; Second layer: 1.6mm PVC floor; 50mm rockwool base insulation layer+0.5mm hot-galvanized steel base tile is option items.


First layer, 0.6mm Galvanized color steel plate roof covering; Second layer, 50mm EPS sandwich panel ceiling; 50mm rockwool insulation layer is option items.

Wall Panel

50/75mm EPS/Rockwool sandwich panels. Default is 50mm EPS wall.


Standard external door: Aluminium sliding door (W1500*H2000mm). Or single steel door (840×2035mm), furnished with a handle lock with 3 keys; Internal door: single steel door (700×2035mm), furnished with a handle lock with 3 keys.

Window 1

PVC window, white color, with dimension 800×1100mm, glazed with double layer glass in a thickness of 5/9/5mm.

Window 2

PVC window, white color, with dimension 600×600mm, glazed with double layer glass in a thickness of 5/9/5 mm with inner manual curtain. For toilet room.

PVC Joints

White PVC inner joint for ceiling, floor and columns which look beautiful.

Electricity (3C/CE/UL/SA A standard)

1 distribution box , 1 circuit breaker; 2 double tube lights , 2 sockets,1 A/C socket; 1 switch.

Toilet Room

Ceramic toilet. Made in China, China standard(option items).
Ceramic wash basin. Made in China, China standard(option items).
3 side PVC wall and PVC tray with shower curtain, include 1 set shower head set(option items).

Plumbing system

PPR for water supply and PVC for drain pipe. Fix at side after house erected(option items).

Small Kitchen

L1800/2000*W600mm Kitchen Cabinet with 1 sink(option items).


2560kg per unit
expandable container house2

expandable container house3

expandable container house4

  • Main Structure

    steel frame welded+sandwich panel

  • Packaging & Delivery

    Huizhi standard package, more information please contact us

  • After-sale Service

    Online technical support, 2 years Warranty

  • Customizable options

    Size, color, furniture and electrical equipment

  • Shipping port

    FOB Price, Qingdao, Tianjin


Ready for immediate use on delivery, perfect for home or business, options to install more accessories, list of inclusions can be found here.

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