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  • Model : LZT-101
  • 20FT or Custom Size
  • 7 toilets
  • 1 wash basin
  • 3 Urinals

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General Introduction

Sanitary containers may feature as stand-alone modules or make part of larger sets. We provide sanitary containers with any equipment specified by the Customer. Containers with non-standard sizes are also available.

You will use low cost container WC as a higher standard of hygiene for buildings, social and sports events. For event organizers, we offer mobile sanitary containers, which can include a sink, hot and cold water, shower, toilet and toilet in various combinations. Each mobile low cost container WC contains an electrical connection, a water supply and a waste drain. All hygienic containers are modern and meet high requirements for cleanliness, hygiene and intimacy. Sanitary mobile container is a hygienic and toilet facility especially for a larger event, concert, cultural or sporting event.

Features And Advantages

Everything In One Place

Each cabin is also equipped with an integrated washbasin. Individual comfort paired with efficient use of space.

Practical Covering

The pipes are completely covered. This not only contributes to a neat and clean appearance, but also makes cleaning easier.

Infrared Electric Heating

Infrared heating takes on any electric heater, but only consumes a fraction of the energy. And at the same time ensures a consistently comfortable room temperature.

Real Space Miracle

There’s more to it here than expected. Thanks to the sophisticated and intelligent room layout, the sanitary container offers a surprising amount of comfort and functionality in a small space.

No Need To Line Up Anymore

Nobody has to stand in line here, the container offers a total of 7 toilet, 3 urinals, and 1 wash basin.

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Low Cost Container WC Specifications




Main Body

20ft, Welded container


50mm Rock wool steel Sandwich Panel


2mm Patterned aluminum floor, 15mm Cement fiber board


Stainless steel washbasin



Waste Pipe

Reserved port DN100

Freshwater Pipe

Antifreeze DN20=25mm


6 outdoors, 6 indoors, 1200mm long, 18W, LED

Ball Valve

1 inch( 25mm)

GEKA Connector

1 inch( 25mm), 2 set


95° buffer positioning function, bearing 40kg

Other Accessories

Other Accessories, Fuse box, Outdoor socket rain cover, Doorknob, Door lock
Container WC1

Container WC2

  • Main Structure

    steel frame welded+sandwich panel

  • Packaging & Delivery

    Huizhi standard package, more information please contact us

  • After-sale Service

    Online technical support, 2 years Warranty

  • Customizable options

    Size, color, furniture and electrical equipment

  • Shipping port

    FOB Price, Qingdao, Tianjin

To be considered


Ready for immediate use on delivery, perfect for home or business, options to install more accessories, list of inclusions can be found here.

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