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Shipping Container Showroom

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  • Model : LZS-105
  • 20FT or Custom Size
  • Double-layer Tempered Glass
  • Track Lighting
  • 3KW Solar Energy

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Custom & Portable

General Introduction

The shipping container showroom is our ultimate single shipping container conversion, providing a unique and highly flexible event space. The customised container has an incredibly accessible environment, making consumer engagement as effective as possible.

The shipping container showroom’s stages and interior space provide an exceptional space for product demonstration, sampling, retailing and hospitality.

Features And Advantages

They're Customized

Shipping container structures can be modified to fit virtually any purpose. When you need to order a container showroom, professional engineers and architects will work with you to tailor a container with your goals in mind.

They're Portable

Because of their smart, compact design, shipping container modifications can be conveniently transported to different areas – even after they’re modified.

They're Quick

Customizing a shipping container is a relatively fast process. If you need a structure quickly, shipping containers modifications are much faster than traditional construction. Due to their modular nature the construction time on site is dramatically reduced.

They're Durable

Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and transport materials overseas. So, naturally, when you build a structure out of a shipping container, the industrial-strength metal won’t break or decay – even in a hurricane.

They're Transparent

If what you need is a container showroom, then we recommend a large area of ​​glass walls and glass doors, and even track lights. In this way, the beauty and texture of your products will be well presented, and will give your customers a strong visual impact.

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Shipping Container Showroom Specifications




Main Body

20ft new shipping container

Corner Reinforcement

5#&8#, 50*100&60*80, Galvanized square tube


Epoxy primer brush once+Propyl acetate paint brush twice


Customizable color + environmentally friendly spray paint

Fixed glass wall

Frameless glass partition wall

Glass door

Frameless double-layer tempered glass hinge door

Non slip steel plate floor

2mm Patterned stainless steel plate

Wire, conduit

With PVC in the wall


Six-hole socket, Local standard premium socket

Switch and distribution box

Two open dual control

Led light

Track Lighting

Solar energy

3000w, 20Ah, 15sqm
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  • Main Structure

    steel frame welded+sandwich panel

  • Packaging & Delivery

    Huizhi standard package, more information please contact us

  • After-sale Service

    Online technical support, 2 years Warranty

  • Customizable options

    Size, color, furniture and electrical equipment

  • Shipping port

    FOB Price, Qingdao, Tianjin

To be considered


Ready for immediate use on delivery, perfect for home or business, options to install more accessories, list of inclusions can be found here.

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