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Do you like shipping container homes, container kitchens, and container toilets?

We’re going to find out how to use and modify shipping containers as alternative building blocks. Including shipping container homes, container kitchens, and container toilets.

container kitchen

I love modern architecture and the square boxes fit right into that a good paint job on them stands out it lasts for years. it’s durable and it’s just a solid building.

They’re also great because you can move them. so a shipping container is a standardized steel box that allows you to ship anything anywhere in the world.

Typical dimensions are 20 and 40 feet. containers are made out of something called Corten steel. Corten steel is weathering steel when you see rust on the container, it’s not the traditional rough that you’d see on the mild field, it’s creating a protective patina a barrier that protects the steel underneath that’s what allows it to put on a ship and not have it rot away from all the seawater.

container kitchen, fashion

you may find people like us that can build them locally, but for cost, you bring them all in from China new or used.

The containers usually have a 10 to 20-year life. Being used for shipping goods around the world, they go anywhere and everywhere. New containers are built in China, they’re loaded once they’re brought to their destination, unloaded and then they’re intended to be sold either for storage modification or anything else that you can do with them.

We’ll use used and new containers for modification depending on the application. Maybe you want to use more of the new containers for things like housing food serving or retail purposes because a used container you’ll never know, what was inside of it, there is no manifest that you can find on that container.

Of course, from the intensity and use period of the container, the old container is actually very different from the new one. Because of the modified painting, it is necessary to use the container homes, container kitchens, and container toilets to meet their requirements.

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